That one word sounds simple enough, but there are many moving parts involved in a direct mail marketing campaign, from printing services to data processing, through lettershop production and postage minimization strategies to follow up and managing campaign results.


Given the recent postage increase and impending increases, we have set up a software system for postage minimization strategies. Using a combination of commingling, copalletization and work share discounts, we are able to maximize postage discounts. Given postage is typically the greatest cost in a campaign, many of our clients have benefited from this program.

Additionally, we have developed software to make list ordering simple and are able to offer the best pricing on resident lists. You can also use our mapping system to order lists by lifestyle data; a great way to target a large area that matches the lifestyle of your best customers.

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Our proprietary software system, totaltrac is a great platform to track your direct mail campaign and trigger automated follow ups that will increase response rates. An email campaign and a landing page that coordinate with a direct mail campaign serve to drive orders to the web and are the ideal way to supplement a direct mail campaign. fmi designers utilize responsive design so your emails and landing pages look good on any device from phones to tablets to PCs.


With totaltrac, your entire campaign management is at your fingertips. Detailed information about your mail’s delivery is available in real time. You know exactly when to expect results and you will never ever have to guess if the mail has been delivered!

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The best part about the totaltrac software system is that marketers can preset automated follow ups that will increase responses rates. Using your graphics and copy already created, you can very inexpensively developed automated follow-ups which can included triggered emails, voice messages, or even subsequent direct mail efforts.


Follow ups have been proven to improve response rates, totaltrac’s aim is to increase response rate utilizing the marketing material already developed for your campaign.

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