January 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

The Faux Snap Pack The faux snap pack features a 6x9 double-sided personalized in full-color ink, folded and fugitive glued, with perforated strips on the sides. The back is covered with a security pattern, which prevents anyone from seeing the confidential information inside. Why It's Effective? The faux snap pack stands out in the mailbox because of the unique opening features and official look. It heightens curiosity and interest due to the important look and feel of the piece. This product allows the user to completely personalize all aspects of the mailer from color photos to text while keeping the format simple and affordable. Who Can Benefit? This particular mail piece was created fo

Top 6 Reasons Consumers Open Mail

Want to increase your effectiveness even more? Use extremely high quality printing, imaging, and paper quality. These components send a stro

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