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Get the Download from the National Postal Forum

Recorded May 15, 2018

Learn about the event's key takeaways...
  • the latest updates on innovation and technology from USPS.

  • how direct mail thrives in a digital age.

  • opportunities to synchronize direct mail with omnichannel marketing including: email listening, pixel targeting, variable data printing, personalization, and marketing automation.

  • the growth of Informed Delivery with case study examples.

The Power of Personalization

Recorded October 4, 2017

You will learn the latest techniques to...
  • get personal with your direct mail audience to ultimately increase customer experience, engagement & response.

  • drive faster, more precise personalization with advanced printing technology.

Extreme On-the-Fly Marketing

Recorded June 7, 2017

You will learn the latest techniques to...
  • allow marketers to save valuable production time

  • completely control a project's real-time direction, based on response rates

  • increase the speed of decision-making based on mail tracking data

Managing Postal Costs

Managing Postage Costs for Direct Mail

Recorded April 27, 2017

This webinar offers expert tips on...
  • how to optimize your postal spend on direct mail; 

  • how to take advantage lower rates and raster turnarounds;

  • the differences between the dropship options of: commingling, co-pal and co-transport

Recorded February 23, 2017

Integrate Digital & Direct

How to Integrate Digital & Direct Marketing Channels

Recorded March 30, 2017

This webinar will review...
  • where small businesses are spending their digital & direct marketing dollars; 

  • what combination of marketing strategies and tactics are getting results;

  • expert tips for executing marketing campaigns that integrate digital & direct channels.

USPS Proving Discounts for Tactile Mail

Recorded February 23, 2017

During this webinar you will learn...
  • the value of touch and sensory engagement in the communication process and how this enhances the customer experience.

  • how to use the latest technology to create a stronger message and emotional connection with the customer.

  • when and how to receive the 2% promotional discount from the USPS for standard mail.  


Our webinars focuses on delivering concise, relevant topics to boost your direct mail marketing efforts.

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