April 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

The Ultra-Personalized Mail Piece ​ fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents a methodology for printing highly personalized mail pieces for medium to high volume jobs. ​ Why It's Effective? Using the latest ink-jet technology, clients are now able to print full color variable text and images on-the-fly. You gain the ability to personalize each mailpiece with the efficiencies of a one-stream job. Our method provides versatility and flexibility to variable print every single record. ​ Who Can Benefit? Any mailer from any industry can embrace ultra-personalization with great success. The video highlights a couple specific examples: a company using personalized imagery for their multiple-locations; and

Does Your Brochure Need a Facelift?

Particularly for a small business, brochures can be one of your most effective sales and branding tools. In just a few pages, they tell people who you are and what your business is about. Is your brochure ready for a facelift? If so, here are seven tips for making the most of the opportunity. 1. Stay Focused A brochure isn’t a catalog. It’s not intended to be everything to everybody. Create different brochures for different product lines, different target audiences, and even different events. 2. Targeted Versions Increase the power of your marketing by targeting brochures to specific audiences. Instead of creating 10,000 of one brochure, for example, try printing four different versions—2,

Quick Guide to Smarter Customer Profiling

Consumers no longer accept blanket messaging. Whether it’s direct mail or email, they expect the brands they deal with to target them based on their habits, preferences, and needs. Consider these data: • Half of online consumers block ads on their phones and computers. • The average Internet user has eight social media accounts. • Internet users spend 2+ hours a day on social media. These data show just how fragmented consumers have become and why they are so hard to reach. If you are mailing non-targeted, non-differentiated messaging, you—just like online ads—will get blocked. What’s the answer? Highly targeted messaging based on customer profiling. Here is a quick guide to getting that me

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