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May 2024: Are You QR-ious

Unlock the Power of QR Codes in Direct Mail Marketing!

Join Lisa and Erik in this month’s “Mailpiece of the Month” as they reveal how QR codes can revolutionize your direct mail strategy. Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of QR codes that not only save you money but also significantly boost customer engagement. With a staggering 54% of people now responding online via their phones, QR codes are the key to a seamless user experience.

Why Watch?

1. Learn how to easily implement QR codes on your mail pieces.

2. Understand the upcoming postal incentives and how to capitalize on them.

3. Explore the benefits of personalized QR codes for a tailored customer journey.

4. Gain insights into additional promotions like the personalized color trans promo and tactile sensory incentives.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your marketing campaigns with these cutting-edge techniques. Watch now and take the first step towards a more interactive and responsive direct mail experience! Catch the full video for detailed guidance and tips on making the most of these exciting opportunities!

​​Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to discuss effective formats.

Erik Formica:

Lisa Formica:

P: 215.464.0111


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