Top 4 Reasons Consumers Love Print

When it comes to communicating your marketing message, personalized and relevant messaging is more critical than ever. However, the channel used to deliver this message is important, too. After years of research on consumer attitudes and preferences, this reality still stands: print remains consumers’ preferred channel when it comes to four key areas: safety, security, sustainability, and trustworthiness. A just-released infographic (April 2018) from Two Sides North America highlights this reality. The infographic is based on surveys conducted by Two Sides and Toluna, a global polling firm, between 2015 and 2018. Here are some key facts: 91% of U.S. consumers surveyed agree that, when respon

May 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

Variable Inkjet Envelope Package​ ​ fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents the variable inkjet envelope package. This package will help you grab attention, increase relevancy, and create a unique customer experience. ​ Why It's Effective? Using the latest ink-jet technology, clients can print full-color variable envelopes on-the-fly. You gain the ability to personalize each envelope with the time & cost efficiencies of a one-stream job. We can drive variable text fields, colors, copy, images, even entire designs to be uniquely relevant to each individual recipient. ​ Who Can Benefit? This is a great package for membership renewals or companies that segment their recipient lists based on individua

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