March Mail Piece of the Month

Target Locked on Pre-Movers or New Movers ​ ​fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents: Target Locked on Pre-Movers or New Movers. People that are getting ready to move or have just moved need plenty of services. Everything from painting, lighting and furniture to neighborhood restaurants, dry cleaners, doctors and dentists. In this month’s video, we will share a few ideas around targeting the Pre-Mover or New Mover. Why It's Effective? Direct Mail has longevity and targeting the Pre-Mover or New Mover with direct mail makes a lot of sense. By sending your information to people when they most need it, your message is appreciated and welcomed. Additionally, direct mail’s tangibility makes it easy for


1. SHOULD YOU BE TARGETING MILLENNIALS? Not necessarily. Millennials (those born 1981–1995) are the largest generation in U.S. history. They are known as being more socially minded than other generations, but does this mean they are a fundraising gold mine? Actually, no. According to Blackbaud, Millennials aren’t large givers. 2. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT MAC USERS On average, they give $481 per year, compared to $732 for Generation X and $1,212 for Boomers. Did you know that Mac users give more money to charity than PC users? Mac users give an average of $182 per donation, while PC users give an average of $137. This reminds us that correlations related to giving can be found in the most une

Your Brand Image: Who Is Setting the Narrative?

Do you have a brand? If so, what is it? You may think your brand is what you say it is. It’s the brand colors you choose, the logo you design, and the promises you make in your direct mail, email, and mobile marketing. Not necessarily! Your brand is really what your customers think it is. That’s why it’s critical that you control the narrative. If you don’t, the marketplace will. How do you control the narrative? By investing in brand messaging rather than just product marketing. Unlike product marketing, brand marketing isn’t designed to make a direct sale. It’s designed to set the narrative. Often, this requires being a storyteller. For example, a local chocolatier isn’t just a company sel

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