August 2019 Mail Piece of the Month

fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents the USPS Informed Delivery Postage Incentive Program. Why It's Effective? The Informed Delivery Postage Incentive program promises a 2% postage discount and enhanced responses via an Informed Delivery digital ad. Who Can Benefit? Any mailer can benefit from this incentive program. Although the post office does not charge for informed delivery campaigns, most mail houses do charge a small fee to cover the additional work involved on their end. If you would like more information, give us a call or send an email. We would be happy to help. ​ Email Erik: or Lisa: Phone: 215.464.0111

Does the Weight of Your Paper Matter? You Bet!

Did you know that the weight of the paper you use in your print marketing can impact how well your audience engages with your message? A high-quality, heavier weight paper creates a more positive image of your brand and increases the likelihood that your information will be shared with friends? These findings come from a study funded by SAPPI North America and conducted by the Eagleman Lab, run by Dr. David Eagleman, well-known neuroscientist and director of the Baylor College of Medicine’s Laboratory for Perception and Action (as well as best-selling author and creator of PBS’ series, “The Brain”). In the study, participants read a brochure for fictitious companies on three different media:

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