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Top 6 Reasons Consumers Open Mail

Whether you are already sending personalized direct mail or launching your first personalized campaign, it would be helpful to know which types of personalized messaging are the most effective. Detailed research from InfoTrends provides us with insights you need to know.

First, it’s important to note that personalization works. According to InfoTrends, if direct mail is customized or personalized, 84% of consumers say that it makes them “much more” or “slightly more” likely to open their mail. That’s key—getting them to open the envelope. Once you do, your marketing message, call to action, and offer can work their magic.

What types of personalization are most likely to get them to open up? Here are the most influential reasons for someone to open a mail piece:

InfoTrends also found that the younger the audience, the more power there is in personalization. Among consumers overall, 29% say personalization is “much more likely” to get them to open an envelope. Among 18–25 year olds, this rises to 30%. Among older Millennials, it jumps to 36%.

This is where personalization comes in. It increases the chances of your mail falling into one of the top categories. If you know someone’s age and marital status, for example, you can use profiling to assign them to a life stage that gives you insights into their buying habits and needs. If you know that a customer regularly buys books by a certain author, you can alert them when that author releases a new book. Data makes it easier to make sure you hit the sweet spot and get into that 71.7%.

It’s also important to note that recipients open mail pieces because they have a positive view of the company. Personalization plays a role here, too. It increases customer engagement and loyalty. This translates into a higher likelihood that someone will open your mailer, even if the product or service doesn’t look immediately relevant to them. If recipients value your company or brand, they are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Want to increase your effectiveness even more? Use extremely high quality printing, imaging, and paper quality. These components send a strong message of quality and value that your audience respects. Combine these with personalized messaging and your marketing pieces will have incredible stopping—and converting—power.

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