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5 Places You Can Optimize Your Direct Mail

Optimize Direct Mail

Okay, you’ve got down the basics of your direct mail— it’s well targeted, you have great messaging, and you’ve got a killer call to action. You’ve selected the right variables to personalize your message. Where could you go from here?

Consider the layout.

By understanding how the recipient’s eye travels around the piece, you can ensure that you aren’t missing an opportunity to improve the impact of your message. This overlooked element of marketing is one that can reap great benefits if you master it.

Let’s look at something as simple as an envelope or postcard.

Where do people’s eyes go first? How can you use this knowledge to improve the impact of your piece?


It sounds simple, but too many marketers mess this up. Get the recipient’s name right! Spell the person’s name wrong or use an outdated last name and you’ve handicapped yourself at the outset.


Even the type of postage you use has an impact on your response rate. For example, people are more likely to open your mailing if they see a first-class stamp than if you send it by bulk mail. However, it's important to balance postage type with volume, too.


The outside of the envelope is the first place people are exposed to your message, so take advantage of it. Teaser copy can be preprinted or personalized.


Where is the mail coming from? Recipients almost always look at this area of the envelope first. Do they recognize your business name? Are you a business they already have a relationship with? If you are a known brand, consider using colored text or adding a logo so the recipient recognizes you from a distance.


When the recipient takes in the mail, which side of the envelope will they will see first? There is no way to predict. So take advantage of the space. Include hints, teasers, and calls to action on the back side of the mailer, too.

If the recipient doesn’t open the envelope, they’ll never see that carefully crafted letter it contains. Studies show you have three seconds or less before the recipient keeps or trashes your mail piece and 30 seconds or less for them to make the decision to open it. Don’t let opportunity escape!

If you'd like to brainstorm ways to optimize your mail piece, call to speak to one of our experts at 215.646.0111 or fill out a contact form and we'll be in touch.

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