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February 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

The Membership Card Package

Membership cards make a lasting impact. The mail piece of the month feature shows a great way to maximize impact with a cost effective production process. Many of our customers pre-order cards in bulk, then use variable printing to personalize each card - for example adding their customers' names & unique ID numbers.

Why It's Effective?

With numerous options for personalization, this mail piece is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your cardholders. fmi's membership card package provides time and cost efficiencies in production compared to traditional methods of embossing or thermal printing the cards.

Who Can Benefit?

Applications range from membership cards to loyalty or gift card programs, or whatever you can imagine. We can tailor cards to your exact specifications.

Watch the video to see how FMI Marketing Solutions brings this mail piece to life.

Call us to explore how to utilize this mailpiece in your direct mail program: 215-464-0111.

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