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Have You Heard... Email Listening

Have you heard about the latest trend in direct marketing? This exciting new technology is called Email Listening and leverages an engaged audience of up to 1.2 billion users each day.

Email Listening allows companies to reach customers and prospects in real-time with highly personalized offers. This advanced technology takes advantage of data interactions such as consumers opening an email they are interested in or clicking on a social media fan page.

This action allows marketers to retarget them at the moment of interest with a customized offer. Marketers are able to choose cue words that are most relevant to their brands. A customized set of cue words might include keywords, the names of competitive brands, and in-category domains. The cue words establish your listening criteria.

Whenever a prospect clicks on an email containing one of the cue words, an email from your brand is immediately triggered to that individual at the exact moment they are interested in a similar product or service.

We can also provide you with a mailing address within a few days, so your offer can be followed up with a tangible piece of direct mail for even more impact!

Email Listening is a cost-effective tool that allows firms to reach potential new customers like never before.

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