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June 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

The Sticky Post-It Note Reminder

fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents the Sticky Post-It Note Reminder package. This package will help you increase relevancy and create a unique customer experience.

Why It's Effective?

This is a great package to help you create a lasting impression that your clients and prospects can keep around and use as a reminder of a phone number, event or even a deadline! Create a unique customer experience by personalizing the post-it, or keep it generic. Either way, customers and prospects will appreciate the ability to hold on to the post-it note as a reminder!

Who Can Benefit?

We have used post-it notes for all kinds of industries; from nonprofits to insurance marketers, and all of these mailers have found that post-it notes are a great way to stand out and give their customers and prospects something unexpected.

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