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August 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

Digital Impact​

fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents the Digital Impact program. Digital Impact leverages Informed Delivery, a service introduced by the USPS for use by consumers. fmi’s Digital Impact program gives you the opportunity to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand and get more reach, more conversions and more response from your Direct Mail campaigns.

Why It's Effective?

Informed Delivery provides the opportunity for brands to reach their contact three times with one Direct Mail piece. First, people receive the informed delivery email. Second, they click on the digital ad placed in the email and third, they receive the Direct Mail piece.

Who Can Benefit?

Digital Impact leverages the post office’s Informed Delivery product, which works for businesses that target consumers. Any business that wants to enhance their customer’s experience with their brand can benefit from Digital Impact. Reach out today for a free report on the potential benefits that Digital Impact can add to your next Direct Mail campaign. Email Erik at or Lisa at to generate a report for your specific campaign.

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