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September 2023: Sticker Shock Mailer

In this month's video we feature a mailer that uses a UPS or FEDEX like sticker on a plain kraft envelope. The sticker makes the piece look like it was sent express for overnight delivery. The presumption is that the envelope must contain important information. When you open the envelope you find an exclusive looking mail piece that takes advantage of a personalized QR code and a personalized URL, both of which direct the recipient to a report prepared specifically for them.

The mailing that we feature is from a financial company, but this format could work for nonprofits, universities or insurance companies interested in sending personalized reports.

If you would like to discuss options that might work for your company, give us a call or send an email.

​Contact us:

Erik Formica:

Lisa Formica:

P: 215.464.0111


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