August 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

Digital Impact​ ​ fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents the Digital Impact program. Digital Impact leverages Informed Delivery, a service introduced by the USPS for use by consumers. fmi’s Digital Impact program gives you the opportunity to enhance your customer’s experience with your brand and get more reach, more conversions and more response from your Direct Mail campaigns. Why It's Effective? Informed Delivery provides the opportunity for brands to reach their contact three times with one Direct Mail piece. First, people receive the informed delivery email. Second, they click on the digital ad placed in the email and third, they receive the Direct Mail piece. Who Can Benefit? Digital Impact l

Fun Fact Friday - August 3, 2018

In 1849, Henry "Box" Brown had a dream to "mail himself to a place where there are no slaves." With $86 in hand, Brown enlisted the help of a local storekeeper to box him up with water and biscuits and send him north to freedom. A Philadelphia abolitionist agreed to receive the box. The journey lasted 27 hours and Brown's box was passed from wagon to railroad to steamboat and back again. The box often ended up upside down, but Brown remained quiet enough to avoid discovery. When Brown arrived in Philadelphia, he was released as a free man.

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