September 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

Looks Do Count... Ideas for Unusual Envelopes​ ​ fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents some unique ideas to get your Direct Mail noticed. We will share some samples of envelopes successfully used by other clients to capture their prospects’ interest with the payoff of a higher response rate. Why It's Effective? Most people are visual, meaning they respond to things that are visually stimulating. This month we present to you some very unique ideas that really stand out in the mailbox. Who Can Benefit? Testing envelope styles is an excellent way to refresh your Direct Mail without spending a lot of time and cost revamping the whole package. The envelope is the thing that drives most people to open

Fun Fact Friday - September 7, 2018

Our postal carriers deliver mail nearly every day and face some harrowing obstacles. For example, more than 6,000 postal carriers get attacked by dogs every year. Remember to keep your dogs inside or on a leash!

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