January 2019 Mail Piece of the Month

Beat the Postage Increase with Postcards fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents Beat the Postage Increase with Postcards. Effective January 27th, the postage rates will increase for all types of mail. In this month’s video, we will share a few ideas around mitigating postage cost through the use of postcards. Why It's Effective? Postcards provide an effective way to get your marketing message into your prospects hands. They are many sizes to choose from and many ways to make your cards stand out in the mail box. Postcards can immediately capture a recipients’ attention through the use of color, messaging or personalization. Who Can Benefit? Postcards are very effective for any company that wants t

December 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

It's All About the Permit fmi MARKETING SOLUTIONS presents “It’s all about the Permit”. Permits contain valuable information about postage payment, but they can also add an additional design element to your self-mailer or outside envelope. The use of a permit saves cost over affixing a postage stamp, or metering outgoing mail. Why It's Effective? When you use a permit, you actually have quite a lot of design freedom. Mailers can choose to mimic a meter imprint, or add other design elements to help distinguish your mailing, or reinforce your brand image. Who Can Benefit? Anyone can use a permit imprint. If your company does not have an account set up with the post office directly, you can use

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