March 2018 Mail Piece of the Month

The Faux Priority Envelope Package Create the appearance of an upscale, urgent mail piece without paying the high-cost of Priority Mail. This package mimics a FedEx or UPS envelope. This format can be used in a variety of sizes and weights. The text and colors can be tailored to look like a critical communication. ​ Why It's Effective? The appearance of faux priority mail envelopes grabs attention and gives sense of importance and urgency. There are numerous variations of this package, ranging from "Hand Delivered" or "Do Not Bend", to "Dated Material" or "2nd Attempt". When using this tactic, you must be careful of Postal Regulations so it is best to check your design with the USPS or consu

5 Places You Can Optimize Your Direct Mail

Okay, you’ve got down the basics of your direct mail— it’s well targeted, you have great messaging, and you’ve got a killer call to action. You’ve selected the right variables to personalize your message. Where could you go from here? Consider the layout. By understanding how the recipient’s eye travels around the piece, you can ensure that you aren’t missing an opportunity to improve the impact of your message. This overlooked element of marketing is one that can reap great benefits if you master it. Let’s look at something as simple as an envelope or postcard. Where do people’s eyes go first? How can you use this knowledge to improve the impact of your piece? 1. RECIPIENT NAME

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